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What is ColorWorks?

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Your 24/7 Parenting by Personality Type Resource Center

  • Family Communication Courses

    As a ColorWorks Circle member, you are given access to an in-depth method for discovering your personality type and the personality types of the people in your life. The ColorWorks Circle basic course teaches parenting and communication skills that will help you diffuse and resolve ANY conflict that arises at home. You will also learn to encourage your child and build their self-esteem according to their personality type. After completing this basic course, additional courses unlock; these cater to your individual needs based on the age of the family member you seek to understand and their specific colors. Join ColorWorks Circle to build stronger family relationship today!

  • Fast Track Answer Videos

    As a ColorWorks Circle member, you will have access to detailed how-to videos that will help you navigate specific parenting concerns based on your child's age. Our Fast Track Answers video library will provide you with the parenting strategies you need the moment you need them. When these videos are combined with the knowledge of how each Color is hardwired, you will be equipped to handle any parenting issue quickly and effectively while building a deeper emotional connection with your child or teen. Join ColorWorks Circle to unlock your parenting potential!

  • Download Colorful Resources

    In addition to the detailed lessons about interacting with others based on their Colors, ColorWorks Circle members are given access to resources that are only available through this program. We have created workbook pages to help you figure out your Colors, charts and activities that will allow you to easily implement the ColorWorks program into your everyday life, and much more. Join ColorWorks Circle today to revolutionize the way you communicate!