Are you experiencing any of these challenges?

  • Worrying about your kids coping with reassignments and deployment.

  • While you're a pro at moving, you still experience stress with each reassignment.

  • The added stress and isolation of single parenting while your spouse is deployed.

  • Post deployment parenting as a team is rockier than you thought.

  • Feeling unsure how to support your spouse acclimate to being home.

  • Wondering how to move forward with your family goals and routines after big changes.

The ColorWorks Team is devoted to understanding, uplifting and supporting you! We know that as one of our nation's honored service men or women you have unique parenting needs, family communication challenges, and family dynamics that can change with only a moments notice. We provide educational resources to help you address the distinct challenges armed forces families face. As your family experiences the changes that accompany deployment and reassignments there can be a profound impact on family relationships and the parenting process. ColorWorks, with our unique perspective on personality types, can help all family members adapt to those frequent changes in ways that work with each person’s gifts and natural coping abilities. We can help you as parents learn how to more effectively manage the heightened stress that occurs during these times of change through understanding, and parenting to, each individual’s personality type.

Coping with parenting challenges often lands heavily on the parent left stateside. The at-home parent during deployment, encounters increased stress ranging from taking over all aspects of parenting to added household duties and responsibilities. But most importantly, they are likely to experience emotional strain related to having a deployed partner. To complicate matters further, the stateside parent’s attitude and behaviors can impact how their child reacts to the situation as children easily pick up on mom or dad’s feelings about the deployment. Therefore, building a dynamic, resilient family unit is crucial during this time and ColorWorks is here to help!

Our individualized parenting approach enables families to gain a better understanding of each family member’s unique set of stressors and stress behaviors. With ColorWorks, parents learn how to guide their child to unlock their own natural ability to cope with stress based on their unique personality type. Our program empowers parents to become effective communicators who foster four key principles in their families: compassion, accountability, gratitude, and responsibility. Additionally, we advocate a “choices, not chances” approach when focusing on discipline and stress the importance of personal accountability for children. Our goal is to help parents develop strong family dynamics and foster a positive family atmosphere.

ColorWorks Solutions For You!

  • PARENTING AND FAMILY COMMUNICATION TOOLS: You will love using our highly effective and extremely simple ColorWorks 3 Words Tool and our Ask-Be-Do Parenting Method covered in our ColorWorks for Parents Basic Course. These tools help parents streamline their parenting efforts by approaching relationship building, conflicts, and discipline with your child’s personality type in mind.
  • FREE ONLINE COURSE: Enroll, for free in the first 3 modules, or Part 1, of The ColorWorks for Parents Basic Course where you will learn all about your parenting style and personality type and the personality type of your children. We’ll also show you dozens of ways to manage the crazy!
  • COLORWORKS CIRCLE: Join our membership ($9.99 a month) to access more courses and video resources that will help you build a stronger and more resilient family.
  • INFORMATION RESOURCES: Parenting By Personality book written by Shannon Ward, M.A. is our “Everything Guide” to parenting with YOUR child’s unique personality type in mind. Also check out our  Homeschool By Colors booklet written by Rebecca Bockart. It’s all about using, and understanding, personality types, both yours and your child’s, to enhance your effectiveness as a homeschool parent.
  • ONE-ON-ONE COACHING: You can work individually one of our other highly trained and certified ColorWorks Family Life Coaches to set goals and work on solutions for your family’s unique challenges when you need it.

Take The First Step

  • Reconnect

    Discover you and your spouse's personality type and gain better understanding, grow trust, and cultivate an even stronger bond.

  • Rebuild

    Build your communication with your kids by learning specific tools to understand their personality type, how they see the world, and what stresses them out most.

  • Renew

    Create long lasting family values, strengthen relationships, and become a stronger, more resilient family.

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