Parenting By Personality: The Everything Guide to Parenting

This nearly 400 page book covers EVERYTHING you need to know about parenting YOUR child or teen according to THEIR personality type, or "colors." It’s the answer to why those one-size-fits-all parenting books don’t work for every child!


This book is the result of 10 years of research and helping families like yours.


It’s a fast read. It’s fun. And it teaches you what to do with YOUR individual child or teen as if you had an “Instruction Manual” with their name on it.


The first half of Parenting By Personality is all about you as a parent. You will learn why you parent the way you do and why your kid’s actions can please you or frustrate you. Discover dozens of parenting “do’s” and “don’ts” for your color.


The second half of the book is all about your kids and their personality type. Discover a fail-proof, over-arching discipline strategy for each color child that works quickly and consistently. Gain an understanding of the signs of low self-esteem for your child’s color and how to help them appreciate who they are. You will also find hundreds of parenting “to-do’s” for each color child or teen.

Parenting By Personality: Parent's Colors

Parenting By Personality: Kid's Colors