• Early Childhood Education

    Birth - Kindergarten

    During these years of critical development, fostering a positive learning environment is paramount to future success. Allow ColorWorks to introduce your staff to an entirely new approach to handling the melee of Early Childhood education.

  • Primary Education

    1st - 6th Grade

    These formative years are the time when the foundation for life-long learning habits are formed. At ColorWorks, our unique 4 Skills Strategy Program trains educators to transform instances of repeated redirection and discipline into opportunities to establish lasting life skills a child can use both in and out of the classroom.

  • Secondary Education

    7th - 12th Grade

    At this level of education, both the educator and the student can collaborate to understand the inherent differences between the 16 Color combinations. Through improved communication skills, ColorWorks will empower your staff to build lasting trust with their students by establishing accountability practices in their students' daily routines.

  • Teaching Resource

    We provide additional resources for teachers working in any and every environment; whether you're homeschooling, teaching through church organizations, working at a community center, or anywhere in-between, we can tailor our program to meet your needs as an educator by fulfilling the specific needs of your students. For more information or if you have any questions, please contact us. We are happy to help!

Why Use ColorWorks at School

Combining the innovative ColorWorks 4 Skills Communication Approach with a universal understanding of personality types will allow you and your faculty to gain efficient, applicable classroom management techniques within minutes of accessing our material. Our ultimate goal is to help every educator build lasting trust with their students and to promote an environment of integrated teamwork for all faculty members. Our insights into communication based on personality types for educators at traditional schools are seamlessly translated into a ColorWorks program designed specifically for parents who home school.

What we Offer

Early Childhood Education Birth - Kindergarten

Our program trains the Early Childhood Educator to foster social awareness and to facilitate the building of self-esteem during these formative years through our unique 4 Skills Strategies Program. Our training will introduce the educator to the natural inclinations of their own personality type and how to respect and embrace the inherent differences between all color types. The result of this training is the development of a compassionate, effective team of teachers who implement a positive learning environment for each child during this critical phase of education. We advocate a “choices not chances” policy when guiding young children and teach the importance of personal accountability of ones actions in the classroom.

Primary Education 1st - 6th Grade

At the Primary level, CWG trains educators to be aware that their individual personality type brings fundamental strengths and weaknesses to the team dynamic. Our goal is to promote productive and cohesive teams of teachers who improve and enhance the learning environment. Our sessions will enable each educator to quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses of their students as individuals and to better understand their groups interactions based on color type. CWG program offers concise, age appropriate skills which bring immediate change to classroom management and ends the cycle of repetitive directives. We coach educators, through the use of our 4 Skills Strategies Program, to use reflective listening, foster judgement free self-esteem, and further develop their students sense of responsibility through accountability based discipline which aligns to that child’s color type.

Middle and Secondary Education 7th - 12th Grade

CWG distinctive 4 Skills Strategies Program teaches the Middle school and Secondary educator to identify their own specific personality type and to embrace the inherent differences between the 16 types in an observant, broad manner. This universal understanding will lead to more effective communication in and out of the classroom. During this phase of education the student’s personality type solidifies and redirection or guidance based on their individual color type will be most accurately applied. Our sessions will empower the educator to guide their individual students toward self awareness of their fundamental strengths and weaknesses. Once the student recognizes and is accountable for their unique processing patterns they will be sells-motivated to implement changes that are organic to their basic needs.

Teacher Resources

Our Teacher Resources consist of physical aids such as our ColorWorks book a guide to everything, the ColorWorks homeschool kit, and the ColorWorks intro Workshop. These sources can help you get started on understanding your students even better and how to teach to their specific personality type. After understanding the basic ColorWorks approach we can offer one free consultation to cater our program to your classroom needs. Further more we can offer support through training seminars that offer information on the colors and several topics such as learning styles, building trust, teaching students how to work in group settings, customizing your lesson plans to reach each personality type and more. We want to provide you with the best tools to have a successful classroom in educating your students.