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  • Family Communication Courses

    Our introductory course in the Colors allows you to discover you and your family's personality types. ColorWorks teaches parenting and communication skills that will help you diffuse and resolve ANY conflict that arises at home. You will also learn to encourage your child and build their self-esteem according to their personality type. After completing this initial course, additional lessons will become available that will teach you specific skills to fit your individual needs. Are you ready to communicate more effectively with your child or teen? Become a Colorworks Circle Member today!

  • Fast Track Answer Videos

    We have created a series of detailed, how-to videos that help you navigate specific parenting concerns with your children based on their age. Our Fast Track Answers video library will provide you with the parenting strategies you need the moment you need them. When these videos are combined with the knowledge of how each Color is hardwired, you will be equipped to handle any parenting issue with your child or teen quickly and effectively, while simultaneously building a stronger relationship with them.  Gain access to this material by subscribing to our ColorWorks Circle Membership program today!

  • Download Colorful Resources

    Additional resources--such as extra videos, workbook pages, charts, and activities--are available to ColorWorks Circle Members. These resources will allow you to implement the ColorWorks program into your daily life. When you have constant access to the details of the ColorWorks program, you will be able to transform this information into lasting habits that will allow you to build stronger relationships with your children through every phase of their lives. Join ColorWorks Circle today!

ColorWorks Basic Course

1.1 Introvert or Extrovert?

1.2 Parents Colors

1.3 Ugly Grey Boxes

1.4 Conflicts: Golds/Oranges

1.5 Conflicts: Blues/Greens

2.1 Introverted and Extroverted Kids

2.2 The Blue Child

2.3 The Green CHild

2.4 The Gold Child

2.5 The Orange Child

3.1 The Power of 3 Words

3.2 Why are you doing that ?!?

3.3 The 3rd Word Focus

3.4 Conflict Squares

3.5 Engaging your Gold or Orange Child

3.6 Engaging your Blue or Green Child

4.1 Ask-Be-Do Overview

4.2 Building a Foundation of Trust

4.3 Cheer Talk: Focus on the Positive

4.4 Counselor Talk: Hearing their Story

5.1 Fostering Self Discipline

5.2 Coach Talk: Choices not Chances

5.3 Course Correction: Changing Paths

5.4 Course Correction: Consequences

5.5 Sneaky Sidetracks

6.1 Following Through

6.2 Guiding the Gold Will

6.3 Encouraging Orange Actions

6.4 Understanding the Blue Heart

6.5 Enlightening the Green Mind

Fast Track Answers

  • Sharing Is Hard
  • Homework Struggles
  • Sibling Fighting
  • Screen Time
  • Study Habits

Foundation Questions

  • How to get a Blue to calm down?
  • Why do Blues seem so emotional?
  • Blue Moms & Homeschooling
  • How do I Counselor Talk my Toddler?
  • How can I help boost my Blue's Self Esteem?
  • Why are Greens so critical of themselves and others?
  • Why don't they respond to Cheer Talk?
  • What is with Greens and Procrastination?
  • How do I give my Green appropriate consequences?
  • Can you tell me more about the Greens Wookie Rage?
  • What is the Gold stink eye?
  • Why do Gold's keep score?
  • Why do Gold's like Coach Talk?
  • Are Gold's ever flexible?
  • How do I teach my Gold not to should people?
  • Do Oranges have ADHD?
  • Why won't my Orange stay in timeout?
  • What do you mean by concrete?
  • Can you tell me more about Cheer Talk and Oranges?
  • No focus or no control? There's a difference?
  • Somewhere in the middle of Intro/Extrovert?
  • My loved one and I are opposites how can we both get our needs met?
  • What's the difference between an introvert and true signs of depression?
  • How can I get an introvert to start talking?
  • How can I get an extrovert to stop talking?
  • What should my values be?
  • How do I help my child grow their sense of Gratitude?
  • What are the 4 values Ask, Be, Do is based on?
  • What if my spouse doesn't want to do ColorWorks with me?
  • Colors and Food: What's the research say?
  • Colors and Self-esteem: What's the research say?
  • How can this help me at work or with other adults in my life?
  • Can you ever change colors?
  • See your child through their eyes at their age.