New Year, New Resolutions



2018 is the year I’m going to … insert a resolution here.

Are you making healthier lifestyle choices, traveling more, or getting your finances under control in 2018? I’m sure you’ve also thought about goals for your family as well. Maybe you’re going to start a new more productive routine with your toddler, or be more involved with helping your kid with math, piano, or soccer. Taking time to really connect with your teen. These resolutions can be harder to talk about with others and hard to accomplish as it’s not just up to you to meet the goal your family has to be on the same page as well. Maybe your resolutions are a little bigger like,“This is the year I bring peace into my home.” Or maybe something like… “2018 is the year we start to work as a family team.”

I know most parents worry about their family’s communication breakdowns. Or are often kept up at night stressing about their relationship with their children, if their kids are getting along, or even there child’s development. We’ve all struggled with knowing where to start. Setting these types of goals can be especially discouraging when you don’t have the resources you need to accomplish it or the support system to cheer you on. There seems to be a gym on every corner but when was the last time you saw a parenting help center anywhere?

At ColorWorks we’ve spent 2017 accomplishing our biggest resolution to date; making our program accessible and affordable for parents all over the world and we can finally say we have achieved this goal with the creation of our ColorWorks Circle membership site! If you’re tired of having the same argument with your most interesting child (you know the one), or if you’re frustrated by miscommunication within your family, or wishing you could reconnect with your teen who seems so distant from you; then ColorWorks Circle is designed specifically for you! This isn’t meant to sound like an infomercial, we are truly here to help your goals become a reality and have worked hard toward that end.

ColorWorks Circle provides members a multi course platform starting with a basic course which consists of 6 Modules, each one is packed full of information describing the 16 color combinations stressors and stress behaviors which allows parents to understand their child’s motivators on a whole new level. The basic course also includes our unique 4 step parenting approach which teaches parents to communicate with precision directly to each unique personality type. This gives parents the skills to become strong, effective communicators almost overnight. After completing the basic course the site opens up additional courses such as a Teen specific course or a Couples course which build from the foundation laid by the basic course. There is also an ever expanding Foundational Library of videos which include answers to our most frequently asked parenting questions, and a series of Fast Track video answers that give examples on how to address common parenting issues, additionally you will have access to the ColorWorks Circle Facebook group for questions and support.

If 2018 is the year you want to create and foster real changes in your family then let ColorWorks become your parenting support team. Check out our website and click on the membership tab at the top. You can also like us on FaceBook , follow us on Instagram under the handle , or giggle along with us on Pinterest under .      

Written By: Rebecca Bockhart


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