Why choose ColorWorks?

Here at ColorWorks, we give our customers the tools they need to build healthier, happier relationships. Our program builds upon Personality Type Theory--the research of renowned psychiatrist Carl Jung-- and utilizes our ColorWorks 4 Skills Communication Approach to provide you with a completely unique way to communicate. At ColorWorks, we can help you understand yourself better by unlocking the inner workings of your personality; read the testimonials of ColorWorks Circle Members to understand the life-changing skills that are at your fingertips. Our expertise will allow you to resolve any conflict in a matter of minutes by applying the specific communication skills outlined in our video lessons. If you are tired of not understanding your children, spouse, or coworkers then this is the place for you! Join ColorWorks Circle today to start communicating.

Our Mission

To help people build better relationships by strengthening their communication skills through deeper understanding of the similarities and differences of all personality types.

Our Story

Shannon Ward has been creating the framework of the ColorWorks program over the past 30 years; she combined knowledge from her Masters Degree in Communication (with a research emphasis on family and organizational communication) with more than 100 hours of specialized training in applying personality type/temperament theory to both work and home environments. She's developed a program that revolutionizes the way parents approach communication and discipline at home. Shannon began working in the corporate world by training business leaders to understand the differences between personality types, which helped them to manage their employees more effectively while simultaneously improving their ability to communicate. Immediately after being introduced to the program, managers began to seek out Shannon to figure out a way to apply ColorWorks in their home.

Shannon quickly recognized the need for a program that would redefine the way people approached parenting. She saw miscommunications happening between parents and children simply because they were speaking two different languages. So, Shannon decided to leave the corporate world and return to her original research of temperament theories to develop a form of parenting that had never been seen before. After almost six years of additional research, Shannon created ColorWorks as it is today; a totally unique program that illuminates the similarities and differences between the various personality types and emphasizes the importance of communication to allow parents to become the most successful versions of themselves possible.

ColorWorks Inc. started out small, working locally to test if families would be receptive towards this new method of parenting. Rebecca Bockart attended one of the very first Colors classes ever conducted and immediately fell in love with the idea of becoming a better parent through improved communication. She applied the Colors in her own family and experienced great success. Rebecca later joined Shannon at ColorWorks Inc. and studied the Colors at length to become a team member and ColorWorks teacher.

Together, Shannon and Rebecca have conducted over 500 ColorWorks classes for families within a variety of communities, completed over 200 business trainings, and have personally touched the lives of thousands of people. Now, 15 years after the ColorWorks program was officially created, they are making their program available around the world. With the help of their newest team member Caitlyn Gardner, ColorWorks Inc. is launching a membership site called ColorWorks Circle. ColorWorks Circle allows parents to take an online class to learn the ins and outs of the Colors and how to apply this knowledge within their own family.

As ColorWorks Inc. continues to expand, Shannon, Rebecca, and Caitlyn are excited to witness how ColorWorks will continue to change the lives of parents, families, spouses, and coworkers throughout the world.

Our Team Members

Shannon Ward
Founder and Owner of ColorWorks
Rebecca Bockart
Instructor and Director of ColorWorks Education
Caitlyn Gardner
Marketing and Administrative Coordinator

Our Company

ColorWorks was founded by Shannon Ward in 2005. After years of experience in the fields of Personality Type Theory and Family and Organizational Communication, Shannon developed ColorWorks as an inclusive method of applying personality-based communication in the home. The company has evolved to include ColorWorks Pro, a series that focuses on leadership coaching within corporations, and ColorWorks Ed, a program that helps teachers understand how to educate their students more effectively. Learn more about how ColorWorks developed to become the unique and unparalleled personality-based communication course it is today.