• Parents Lead

    Do you ever wonder why you constantly struggle with one of your children and not another? Do you feel like your toddler is constantly whining? Is it a struggle to get your teen to listen to you? Here at ColorWorks, we can help you conquer all of your parenting challenges! Our goal is to help you understand how each child processes the world around them based on their Colors. Additionally, our ColorWorks membership program will show you how the different Color types think, act, achieve, and organize their world so you can easily and successfully guide your children to a happy and healthy adulthood. Read more below.


  • Teens Grow

    Trust is key to a healthy relationship with your teen. Trust is developed through mutual respect, clear understanding, effective communication, appropriate responsibility, and personal accountability. At ColorWorks, we help parents become trust-building communicators with their reluctant or defiant teens. Because every Color type is hardwired to understand particular words and phrases, you can learn to speak in your teen’s language so your child will positively respond and truly comprehend what you want from them. Read below to discover how easy it could be to parent your teen.

  • Couples Share

    Parenting is a challenging task, but one that yields awesome rewards! One of the challenging aspects of raising kids is maintaining a healthy, balanced relationship with your parenting partner. It takes finesse, commitment, compassion, and the ability to see your partner’s strengths. No matter what your family structure looks like or how many adults are involved in guiding your child’s development, ColorWorks is here to help you build cohesive communication throughout your family unit. Click below to learn how to strengthen your family unit.

Learn More about Family ColorWorks

ColorWorks Circle presents a variety of skills that will teach you how to end tantrums, diffuse conflicts, stop repetitive negative behaviors, discipline effectively in every situation, and improve communication between you and your child. By becoming a member of ColorWorks Circle, you will learn how to utilize our unparalleled methods of parenting within your home. The ColorWorks membership program begins with you discovering your strengths and weaknesses based on your own unique Color type. By gaining insight into what stresses you out and learning how to acknowledge your own stress behaviors, you will immediately find that frustration levels lower in your family unit. ColorWorks members then learn how to identify their child’s unique Color type and begin to examine the differences between the 16 different personality types. This process emphasizes the importance of respecting one another’s individual qualities and motivators, which leads to open communication and harmony within the family. Next, members learn how to utilize our innovative ColorWorks Four Skills Approach: “ASK-BE-DO then FOLLOW THROUGH,” an individualized method of parenting that is geared toward your child’s unique Color combination. In the final modules, you will gain new discipline skills based on your child’s age and Color type that will help you discover the way your child naturally regulates their self-discipline. The goal of ColorWorks Circle is to teach you how to communicate effectively and to foster the development of four key principles within your child: compassion, accountability, gratitude, and responsibility. Our program advocates a “choices not chances” approach toward establishing self-discipline and we stress the importance of personal accountability within every child. We strive to empower families to become an effective team of communicators who facilitate the growth of a healthy and positive family atmosphere. To become a part of ColorWorks Circle today, click on our “Membership” button at the top of this page. Let’s start communicating!

Your child’s personality type fully manifests during their teen years, however they do not possess strong coping mechanisms and therefor appear as a raw version of their Color type. Your teen is expected to maintain positive relationships, handle complex social situations, deal with peer pressure, do well in school, participate in sports or extracurriculars, and more on a daily basis. With all they have going on, it is not surprising that teens experience high levels of frustration and occasionally make poor choices. Because they have few coping mechanisms, your teen’s unique, Color-specific stress behaviors often appear as extreme versions of the same behaviors seen in adulthood. This is what causes your teen to seem overly dramatic, harsh, disrespectful, or completely aloof. ColorWorks Circle is here to help you manage those exaggerated behaviors in a positive and healthy way while teaching your teen how to handle their frustration with methods that are most effective for their personality type. We tell parents to imagine their teenager as a car with no steering wheel; they generally know what they want and can clearly express what they don’t want, but they lack the ability to “steer” their words and actions tactfully when trying to get their needs met. Our membership program encourages teens and parents to collaborate together while building the four key principles: gratitude, compassion, responsibility, and accountability. The parenting modules will allow you to help your teen construct an internal steering wheel. This provides them critical insight into what stress management techniques will work best for them based on their Color type and will offer them strategies for decisions making. As a program member, you will gain a deeper level of understanding about the inner workings of your teen’s mind that will allow you to help them discover what their innate strengths and weaknesses are. With this knowledge, your teen will be able to recognize what success looks like for them based on their Color type, which in turn will allow them to achieve the inner peace they are yearning for. Once your teen recognizes and is held accountable for their personality’s perks and pitfalls they will naturally begin to implement changes. Because teens are relatively self-focused and enjoy learning about who they are as an individual, joining ColorWorks Circle while you are raising a teen is the perfect opportunity to redirect and guide their personal growth. You can save your child years of painful trial and error by helping them to understand what their strengths and weaknesses are from an early age and can give them the opportunity to develop healthy coping mechanisms. For access to our ColorWorks membership program find the button at the top of this page labeled “Membership.”

At ColorWorks, we coach parents to become effective communicators who foster the development of four key principles during their child’s formative years. However, building the four key principles of gratitude, compassion, responsibility, and accountability within our adult relationships is extremely important as well. By living out these principles in front of your child, you are demonstrating how to maintain appropriate boundaries within successful relationships. The journey through ColorWorks Circle begins with parents discovering their own strengths and weaknesses based on their Color type. This insight provides answers to “what makes us tick” and “what ticks us off” as an individual. Once you see your parenting partner as the unique individual they are hardwired to be, it becomes easier to extend them grace and understanding during challenging parenting moments. Later modules will help parents identify their child’s unique Color type. This process often illuminates if parents and children have opposing color combinations that contain inherent conflict. Possessing this information offers you, the parenting team, insight into why Color-based conflict arise. When a couple understands their unique perks and pitfalls as well as the innate differences they may have with one or more of their children, they can bring balance and harmony to their relationship by supporting each other’s shortcomings while amplifying one another’s strengths. You may feel you and your partner are complete opposites when it comes to parenting; maybe one of you is a firm disciplinarian while the other prefers to talk through misbehavior. Data has shown that we seek our opposite Color type when forming relationships. At ColorWorks, we show parents that their differences, no matter how extreme they may be, should not be viewed as hurdles to overcome; in fact, it’s a huge advantage! When all four Colors are represented in one parenting team, that team becomes what we refer to as “the complete parent.” This couple has the advantage of being able to identify with their child no matter what Color combination their child may be. Let us show you the advantages of your unique parenting dynamic and help you begin the journey towards understanding your parenting partner on an entirely new level. For further information about ColorWorks Circle, click on the “Membership” button at the top of this page.

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  • Family Communication Courses

    As a ColorWorks Circle member, you are given access to an in-depth method for discovering your personality type and the personality types of the people in your life. The ColorWorks Circle basic course teaches parenting and communication skills that will help you diffuse and resolve ANY conflict that arises at home. You will also learn to encourage your child and build their self-esteem according to their personality type. After completing this basic course, additional courses unlock; these cater to your individual needs based on the age of the family member you seek to understand and their specific colors. Join ColorWorks Circle to build stronger family relationship today!

  • Fast Track Answer Videos

    As a ColorWorks Circle member, you will have access to detailed how-to videos that will help you navigate specific parenting concerns based on your child's age. Our Fast Track Answers video library will provide you with the parenting strategies you need the moment you need them. When these videos are combined with the knowledge of how each Color is hardwired, you will be equipped to handle any parenting issue quickly and effectively while building a deeper emotional connection with your child or teen. Join ColorWorks Circle to unlock your parenting potential!

  • Download Colorful Resources

    In addition to the detailed lessons about interacting with others based on their Colors, ColorWorks Circle members are given access to resources that are only available through this program. We have created workbook pages to help you figure out your Colors, charts and activities that will allow you to easily implement the ColorWorks program into your everyday life, and much more. Join ColorWorks Circle today to revolutionize the way you communicate!